English Mcqs No.3

english mcqs test no 3

1.Apocryphal is most nearly opposite to

A. Doubtful in nature
B. Accepted as genuine
C. Vast
D. Alien

2. Eschew is most nearly opposite to

A. Embrace
B. Gulp
C. deny
D. Transgress

3. Unwarranted is most nearly opposite to

A. Guaranteed
B. Justified
C. unforgivable
D. Jaundiced

4. Hoary is most nearly opposite in meaning to

A. Soft
B. Grainy
C. Alert
D. Genuine

5. Allay is most nearly opposite to

A. Guide
B. Mislead
C. Intensify
D. abrogate

6. Noxious is most nearly opposite to

A. Affirmative
B. Diurnal
C. Pungent
D. Innocuous

7. Inveterate is most nearly opposite to

A. Advanced
B. Naïve
C. Habitual
D. Infrequent

8. Vagaries is most nearly opposite to

A. Certainties
B. Depressions
C. Wonder
D. Probabilities

9. Inclement is most nearly opposite to

A. Reverent
B. Humane
C. Unmerciful
D. Favorable

10. Grandiose is most nearly opposite to

A. Polished
B. Restrained
C. Unstinting
D. Enigmatic

Mcqs 11-20 are synonyms. Select the option that is the most "similar" in meaning to the given word.

11. Sedentary is most similar to

A. Juvenile
B. Disgraced
C. Tranquil
D. Inactive

12. Entrenched is most similar to

A. Established
B. Disinterred
C. Conflicting
D. Vociferous

13. Resolute is most similar to

A. Scared
B. Firm
C. Controlled
D. Justified

14. Mollify is most similar to

A. Stretch
B. Convert
C. Soothe
D. Appraise

15. Virtuoso is most similar to

A. Talented
B. Inept
C. Upright
D. Silent 

16. Ambivalent is most similar to

A. Double
B. Scary
C. Wide
D. Uncertain

17. Irrevocable is most similar to

A. Irreversible
B. Vicious
C. Puerile
D. Permanent

18. Pernicious is most similar to

A. Avaricious
B. Quarrelsome
C. Harmful
D. finite 

19. Trounce is most similar to

A. Terrorize
B. Defeat
C. Vibrate
D. Mesmerise

20. Variegated is most similar to

A. Corrupt
B. Decorous
C. Monotonous
D. Multicolored

Questions 21-25 are sentence completions. Choose the option which contains the words that best fit the blanks and complete the meaning of the given sentences.

21. The scientist’s enthusiasm was ____ ; she had already published enough papers on the topic to fill a ____, and yet there were no definitive conclusions to be drawn, and the work seemed interminable.

A. waning - paragraph
B. flagging - tome
C. unqualified - journal
D. at a peak - book

22. There was no need to read the ____ : we knew only one journalist who dared to use such ____ expressions in a publication known for its formal language.

A. work - conservative
B. title - cryptic
C. publication - grotesque
D. byline - colloquial

23. It is true that ageing is an ____ process, yet there no need to ____ despair: there is much that we can do to delay the worst effects of old age.

A. upsetting - refuse to
B. interminable - agree to
C. inexorable - wallow in
D. inevitable - gloss over

24. The exorbitantly expensive décor of the mansion was widely criticized: the celebrity’s ____ display of wealth ____ all the norms of good taste.

A. ostentatious - transcended
B. avaricious - upheld
C. grandiose - underpinned
D. restrained - subverted

25. The bully had to retreat ____ from the playground when his victim remained ____ in the face of his taunts; the firmness of the former victim rallied the support of the other children who turned on the former bully with contempt.

A. rapidly - passive
B. ignominiously - implacable
C. repeatedly - cowed
D. infrequently - intimidated

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