Physics Mcqs No 3

Physics Mcqs test No 3

There are 10 Mcqs.Choose the best option.Write all of your answers in a single comment like(1A,2B,3C.etc)

1) When a basketball is thrown up,reaches the highest point its
A-acceleration is zero but velocity is non-zero
B-acceleration is non-zero but velocity is zero
C-Both acceleration and velocity are non-zero
D-Both acceleration and velocity are zero

2)The diagram shows two identical vessels X and Y connected by a short pipe with a tap. 
torcelli's theorem

Initially, X is filled with water of mass m to a depth h, and Y is empty.
When the tap is opened, water flows from X to Y until the depths of water in both vessels are equal.
How much potential energy is lost by the water during this process? (g = acceleration of free fall) 
A 0
B mgh/4
C mgh/2
D mgh

3)Which row best describes how the molecules move in solids, in liquids and in gases?

solids,liquids and gases

4)Water can exist in three states: solid, liquid or vapour.Transitions between these states can involve melting, freezing, evaporation or boiling.
Under conditions of constant pressure, which transition can occur over a range of temperatures rather than at one fixed temperature?
A boiling
B evaporation 
C freezing 
D melting

5)A rubber band is stretched by hanging weights on it and the force-extension graph is plotted from the results.
What is the best estimate of the strain energy stored in the rubber band when it is extended 30 cm?
A) 2.0 J
B) 2.6 J
C) 5.1 J
D) 200 J

6)Diffraction is the name given to the
A addition of two coherent waves to produce a stationary wave pattern.
B bending of waves round an obstacle.
C change of direction when waves cross the boundary between one medium and another.
D splitting of white light into colours.

7) Which wave properties change when light passes from air into a glass?
A colour and speed 
B frequency and wavelength 
C speed and wavelength 
D wavelength and colour

8)A stationary wave of frequency 80.0 Hz is set up on a stretched string of length 210 cm.
What is the speed of the waves that produce this stationary wave? 
A 56.0 m s–1
B 112 m s–1
C 5600 m s–1 
D 11 200 m s–1

9)There is a potential difference between a pair of parallel plates.
Which values of potential difference and separation of the plates will produce an electric field strength of the greatest value?
parallel plate capacitor mcq

10)Which amount of charge, flowing in the given time, will produce the largest current?
charge,time and current

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