English Mcqs No 2

english mcqs test no 2

Questions 1-10 are Antonyms.Select the Option that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the given word.

1. Appease is most nearly opposite  to

A. allay
B. defeat
C. confirm
D. incite

2. Meager is most nearly opposite to

A. Trivial
B. Extensive
C. Contradictory
D. Serious

3. Anomalous is most nearly opposite to

A. Odd
B. Secret
C. Normal
D. Usable

4. Salubrious is most nearly opposite in to

A. Slippery
B. Steep
C. healthy
D. Unhealthy

5. Regurgitate is most nearly opposite in to

A. Swallow
B. Vomit
C. Negate
D. Smell

6. Callous is most nearly opposite to

A. Ruthless
B. Sensitive
C. Ridiculous
D. Brave

7. Meticulous is most nearly opposite to

A. Careful
B. Slipshod
C. Summery
D. Dank

8. Holistic is most nearly opposite to

A. Litigious
B. Insufferable
C. Piecemeal
D. Eternal

9. Inane is most nearly opposite to

A. Carefree
B. Meaningful
C. Prudent
D. Silly

10. Exacerbate is most nearly opposite to

A. Aggravate
B. Confine
C. Liberate
D. Ameliorate

Questions 11-20 are Synonyms. Choose the option that is most "similar" in meaning to the given word.

11. Indomitable is most similar to

A. Unconquerable
B. Feeble
C. Profane
D. Overworked

12. Prudent is most similar to

A. Careless
B. Peerless
C. Fertile
D. Cautious

13. Prolific is most similar to

A. Infertile
B. Facetious
C. Inscrutable
D. Productive

14. Obsequious is most similar to

A. Inclement
B. Servile
C. Disordered
D. Colloquial

15. Sardonic is most similar to

A. Despotic
B. Derisory
C. Sarcastic
D. Angelic

16. Puerile is most similar to

A. Alert
B. Studious
C. Immature
D. Conscientious

17. Sequester is most similar to

A. Quarantine
B. Follow
C. Sew
D. Attack

18. Florid is most similar to

A. Fitful
B. Edible
C. Productive
D. Over-elaborate

19. Circumvent is most similar to

A. Limit
B. Surround
C. Evade
D. Delay

20. Ratify is most similar to

A. Libel
B. Sanction
C. Aggravate
D. Enjoy

Questions 21-25 are sentence completions. Choose the option which contains the words that best fit the blanks and complete the meaning of the given sentence.

21. It was difficult to interpret the expression on the professor’s face when confronted with the suspicion that you copied your assignment, but his ____ demeanor does not justify your assumption that he ____ plagiarism.

A. glacial - misunderstands
B. inscrutable - condones
C. open - abhors
D. pleasant - confronts

22. Knowing that Moriarty was a ____ adversary, the cautious detective never underestimated his enemy’s powers, and so, to ensure that he was not observed, took a ____ route to his secret rendezvous.

A. redoubtable - circuitous
B. cunning - elevated
C. famous - well-known
D. defeated - direct

23. The action committee collected enough funds to renovate the ____ station and refurbish the steam train so that local residents could get a flavor of the ____ days of rail travel.

A. razed - decrepit
B. ancient - impoverished
C. derelict - halcyon
D. pristine - bygone

24. The fact that tourists are being offered an excursion to see the biggest slum in Asia and experience for themselves the ____ the lives of the rich and the poor makes a ____ all our claims to be an advanced democratic nation.

A. inequality of - display of
B. disparity between - travesty of
C. similarity in - mockery of
D. proximity of - comment on

25. The participants at the conference were, by and large, a ____ collection of self-proclaimed revolutionaries and mavericks, but surprisingly included several ____ supporters of the establishment.

A. moth-eaten - temporary
B. miserable - jovial
C. motley - staunch
D. dull - boorish

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