Physics Mcqs No 2

physics mcqs test number 2

There are 10 multiple choice questions.Choose the best option.Write all of your answers in a single comment. (like 1A,2B,3C...)

(1)What is represented by the gradient of a graph of force (vertical axis) against extension (horizontal axis)?
A) elastic limit
B) spring constant
C) stress
D) Young modulus

(2)The diagram shows a wire of diameter D and length L that is firmly clamped at one end between two blocks of wood. A load is applied to the wire which causes it to extend by an amount x.
By how much would a wire of the same material, but of diameter 2D and length 3L, extend when the same load is applied?
multiple choices

(3)Which observation indicates that sound waves are longitudinal?
A Sound can be reflected from a solid surface.
B Sound cannot be polarised.
C Sound is diffracted around corners.
D Sound is refracted as it passes from hot air to cold air.

(4)To produce a stationary wave, two waves must travel in opposite directions through the same space.
Which statement about the properties of the two waves must also be true?
A The waves must have equal frequency, but a different speed and wavelength.
B The waves must have equal speed, but a different wavelength and frequency.
C The waves must have equal speed, frequency and wavelength.
D The waves must have equal wavelength, but a different speed and frequency.

(5)An iron wire has length 8.0 m and diameter 0.50 mm. The wire has resistance R. A second iron wire has length 2.0 m and diameter 1.0 mm. What is the resistance of the second wire?
multiple choices of resistance

(6)There is a current of 10 mA in a conductor for half an hour. How much charge passes a point in the conductor in this time?
A) 0.3 C
B) 5 C
C) 18 C
D) 300 C

(7)An experiment in which α-particles were deflected by a gold foil produced new insights into the structure of the atom.
Which conclusion can be drawn from the results of the experiment?
A Atomic nuclei occupy a very small fraction of the volume of an atom.
B Electrons orbit the atomic nucleus.
C Some atoms of the same element contain different numbers of neutrons.
D The atomic nucleus contains protons and neutrons.

(8)A man weighs 240 N on Mars where the acceleration of free fall g is 4 m s–2. On the Moon, g is 2 m s–2.
Which statement is correct?
A The man has a mass of 60 N on Mars
B The man has a mass of 120 kg on the moon,
C The man weighs 120 N on the Moon.
D The man weighs 240 N on the Moon

(9)The diagram shows a resultant force and its horizontal and vertical components
force components

The horizontal component is 20.0 N and θ = 30°. What is the vertical component?
A 8.7 N
B 10.0 N
C 11.5 N
D 17.3 N

(10)Which statement about Newton’s laws of motion is correct?
A The first law follows from the second law.
B The third law follows from the second law.
C Conservation of energy is a consequence of the third law.
D Conservation of linear momentum is a consequence of the first law.

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