The winter season

The winter season is one of the most adorable gifts that God Almighty has endowed us with.Like all other three seasons:summer,autumn,spring;winter also has its own charms and admirations.While Summer has its blazing and hot sun,autumn has its leaf fall vista and spring has its greenery and fragrance.The winter season has its cool and calm breeze that keeps reminding us the value of the winter season whenever it blows over our ears.

landscape in the winter season
                                                     Photo by:  Zach Dischner

The winter season is kind of a test period.A period to practice our forbearance.The man has developed many ways to cope up with the cold of the winter season.Wool clothes and some other clothes(unknown to me) are available that safeguard us from the cold and also provide us a unique pleasure found only in the winter season.Talking about the winter, and I don't mention the wooden fire, will leave my post incomplete.The wooden fire (or the gasoline fire in some countries) in the winter season is a way that brings the family to sit together and have a talk.Besides this,sitting alone beside the fire,grabbing a cup of coffee/tea and reading your favourite novel in the winter season is always a source of pleasure and tranquillity.

The day and night of the winter season are different from those of summer.You might be guessing what is different?.Well,the nights are longer and the days are shorter from those of summer season or any other season(Were you guessing the same?....just kidding).In the winter, your bed is the most dearest thing to you.You just want to jump into the bed and hibernate just like the amphibians.The most interesting part of the winter season is the getting up in the morning.Many of  you(like me)find it difficult to get off the bed in the winter's morning.It is like someone has caught your feet in the       and is not allowing you to get off the bed.But somehow,after wasting some time and effort.we free our self.

sunshine and snow in winter season
                                                     Photo by:Bert Kaufmann

Some countries don't have the opportunity to experience and enjoy the winter season while some countries enjoy the winter season only.And some lucky ones are enjoying all  four seasons with full zeal and enthusiasm.I don't know about you but I belong to the last category.

In some countries, people don't  admire and adore winter like other countries.As far as I know these people are belonging to those countries which are experiencing the winter season throughout the year.I will not assume that it is their abhor and hate.Instead,I will say that they are ignoring or neglecting it.Because to them(I think) ,the winter season is a usual thing that is around them from the time of their birth.This kind of ignore of man is natural and universal.For instance,you might have seen that people value those things which are scarce or value those events which happen on a single day of the year or at a particular time of a day.

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