Physics Mcqs No 7

Physics Mcqs test No 7

There are 10 MCQS.Choose the option that is you think is correct.Write all of your answers in one comment(like 1A,2B.3C )

(1) The tip of a needle doesn't give a sharp image due to ___ .
A. interference
B. polarization
C. diffraction
D. refraction

(2) A projectile is thrown so that it travels a maximum range of 1000m.How high will it rise ?
A. 500m
B. 250m
C. 400m
D. none of these

(3) Carnot cycle consists of ___ processes.
A. 3
B. 4
C. 2
D. 5

(4) If the radius (r) of a raindrop changes to 2r,then terminal velocity becomes :
A. Vt/2
B. Vt
C. 4Vt
D. none of these

(5) With the decrease in temperature the viscosity of liquid :
A. decrease
B. increase
C. remain same
D. become double

(6) Ohm law is not valid for all except :
A. transistors
B. metallic conductors
C. electric arc
D. diodes

(7) The unit of magnetic flux density is ____.
A. Tesla
B. NA^-1m^-1
C. Wbm^-2
D. All of these

(8) Self-inductance of a Solenoid is equal to :
A. μ n^2 A ℓ
B. μ n A^2 ℓ
C. μ n ℓ
D. none of these

(9) Tensile stress is the force per unit ____.
A. area
B. volume
C. length
D. none of these

10) A diode characteristic curve is between :
A. voltage and time
B. voltage and current
C. forward and reverse voltage
D. current and time
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