Physics Mcqs No 6

There are 10 MCQS.Choose the option that is you think is correct.Give all of your answers in one comment (like 1A,2A,3A )

(1) The rate of doing work at any instant of time is called :
A. average power
B. variable power
C. constant power
D. instantaneous power

(2) Two bodies with K.E in the ratio of 4:1 are moving with equal linear momentum.The ratio of their masses is :
A. 1:2
B. 1;4
C. 4:1
D. 1:1

(3) Correct pair of words for terminal velocity is :
A. minimum, constant
B. maximum, increasing
C. minimum, decreasing
D. maximum, constant

(4) The frequency of a spring oscillation doubles when :
A. the mass is halved
B. the mass is doubled
C. the mass is quadrupled
D. the mass is reduced to one-fourth

(5) Maximum work can be obtained in the ___ process.
A. adiabatic
B. isochronic
C. isothermal
D. cyclic

(6) If the K.E of free electron doubles,then its de-Broglie wavelength changes by the factor :
A. 2
B. 1/2
C. 1/√2
D. √2

(7) The circuit in which current and voltage are in phase,the power factor is
A. -1
B.  0
C.  1
D.  2

(8) The reactance Xc of a capacitor is given by :
A. wC
B. 1/w
C. 1/C
D. 1/wC

(9) The unit of permeability of free space is :
A. T .m^2.A^-1
B. T.m.A^-2
C. T.m.A^-1
D. none of these

10) A one microfarad capacitor of a TV is subjected to 4000volts.The energy stored in the capacitor is :
A. 2 ✖ 10^-3J
B. 8J
C. 16J
D. 4 ✖ 10 ^-3J

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