Physics Mcqs No 4

Physics Mcqs test No 4

There are 10 MCQS.Choose the option that is you think is correct.Write all of your answers in a single comment.(Like 1A,2B,3C )

(1) Triple point is
A. 273.16 C
B. 1/273.16 C
C. 273.16 K
D. 1/273.16 K

(2) Compton's effect proves ___ nature of X-rays.
A. wave
B. particle
C. both A and B
D. none of the given

(3) In reverse biased  PN junction current is due to ____
A. majority charge carriers
B. minority charge carriers
C. only holes
D. only electrons

(4) In CRO , the brightness of spot is controlled by :
A. anodes
B. cathode
C. heated filament
D. deflecting plates

(5) According to Raleigh , Resolution is given by (D=diameter of lens )
A. 1.22 λ
B. D/1.22 λ
C.( D)(1.22 λ)
D. 1.22 λ/D

(6) A Photon has all of the following except :
A. energy
B. mass
C. wavelength
D. speed of  light

(7) Weight ___  produce torque.
A. can
B. can't
C. both A and B
D. none

(8) Dimensions of Elastic Modulus are :
A. [M]^0[L]^-1[T]^-2
B. [M]^-2[L]^-1[T]^-2
C. [M][L]^-1[T]^-2
D. [M]^2[L]^-1[T]^-2

(9) All are true about lasers except :
A. coherent
B. monochromatic
C. intense
D. multi-directional

10) There are ___ states and ___ conditions of equilibrium.
A. 2,2
B. 2,3
C. 3,2
D. 3,3
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