English Mcqs No 4

English Mcqs  Test No 4

Choose the best option.Give all of your Answers in one comment (e.g :1A,2B,3C....)

(1)Ali, look !The mail  _____.
A. is delivered
B. delivers
C. delivered
D. is delivering

(2)Ali has invited us to his birthday party.He _____ 25 next week.
A. shall be
B. will be
C. is going to be
D. is

(3) Ali wants to marry Maryam.He gave her a beautiful ____ring.
A. goldful
B. goldy
C. golden
D. gold

(4) Ali is a student ____ business administration.
A. in
B. at
C. for
D. of

(5) I will pay ___ cash.
A. in
B. for
C. at
D. to

(6) We don't have ____ milk.
A. some
B. a few
C. any
D. many

(7) Perhaps,Ali ____ pass the exam tomorrow.
A. may
B. must
C. can
D. have to

(8) Ali is 15. He already knows what he wants.He ____ a singer.
A. shall become
B. will become
C. is going to become
D. becomes

(9) I don't like going to work ___ car.
A. in
B. on
C. at
D. by

10) I ____ the guitar at 9 o'clock yesterday.
A. have played
B. had played
C. played
D. was playing

11) Synonym of  ' Acupuncture ' is
A. incinerating
B. piercing
C. burning
D. killing

(12)Synonym of  ' Aberration ' is
A. vividness
B. clearness
C. eccentricity
D. hotness

(13) Synonym of  ' Abnegate ' is
A. accept
B. consent
C. renounce
D. rebuke

(14) Antonym of  ' Aboriginal ' is
A. indigenous
B. primitive
C. native
D. foreign

(15) Antonym of  'Absolution ' is
A. forgiveness
B. exoneration
C. remission
D. punishment

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