Chemistry Mcqs No 6

Chemistry Mcqs No 6

There are 10 MCQS.Choose the best option that you find correct.Give all of your Answers in one comment (e.g :1A,2B,3C....)

(1) Which one of the given is the strongest reducing agent ?
A. Iodide ion
B. bromide ion
C. chloride ion
D. flouride ion

(2) Which one of the given is condensation polymer ?
B. Polythene
C. Bayon
D. None

(3) In Fehling's test, a red ppt is due to :
A. Ag
B. CuO
C. Cu2O
D. Cu2O2

(4) Which one of the given is the strongest base :
A. Al(OH)3
B. Si(OH)4
C. Mg(OH)2
D. Be(OH)2

(5) Carboxylic acids have ___ boiling points than corresponding alcohols.
A. same
B. higher
C. lower
D. none of these

(6) 1kCal is equal to :
A. 4.18 ✖ 10^3 J
B. 41.8 ✖ 10^3
C. 0.418✖ 10 ^3J
D. 418✖ 10^3J

(7) Bohr theory can't explain the spectrum of :
A. H
B. He +
C. Li++
D. H+

(8) PH of a solution is 9.Its POH is :
A. 11
B. 7
C. 9
D. 5

(9) When a non-volatile and a non-electrolyte substance is dissolved to form a solution,the vapour pressure :
A. remains same
B. decreases
C. increases
D. none of these

10) The largest number of atoms are present in :
A. 18g of H2O
B. 16g of CH4
C. 28g of N2
D. 16g of O2
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