Biology Mcqs No 5

Biology Mcqs No 5

There are 10 MCQS.Choose the best option that you find correct.Give all of your Answers in one comment (like 1A,2B,3C etc)

(1) Percentage of carbon in air is
B. 1%
C. 0.03%
D. 21%

(2) 'Selaginella' is included in ___ stage.
A. moss
B. herbs
C. shrubs
D. crustose lichen

(3) Darwin theory was based on the following points except
A. struggle for existence
B. over production
C. survival of the fittest
D. inheritance of acquired characteristics

(4) The enzyme used to seal DNA is
A. EcoR1
B. Reductase
C. Ligase
D. Polymerase

(5) The position of a gene on a chromosome is called
A. allele
B. centromere
C. locus
D. linkage

(6) Sodium-Potassium pump is an example of
B.facillitated diffusion
C. active transport
D. osmosis

(7) Plants carrying out Photorespiration are termed as___ Plants.
A. C 1
B. C 2
C. C 3
D. C 4

(8) Photosynthetic bacteria release ___ in Photosynthesis.
A. Oxygen
B. Nitrogen
C. Sulphur
D. Hydrogen

(9) Correct order of Calvin cycle is
A. oxidation,reduction,regeneration
B. reduction,oxidation,regeneration
C. reduction,fixation,regeneration
D. fixation,reduction,regeneration

10) An animal is :
A. unicellular,ingestive,heterotroph
B. multicellular,absorptive,heterotroph
C. multicellular,ingestive,autotroph
D. multicellular,ingestive,autotroph
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