Physics Mcqs No 1

Physics Mcqs Test No 1

(1)What is a reasonable estimate of the average kinetic energy of an athlete during a 100 m race that takes 10 s?
A 40 J
B 400 J
C 4000 J
D 40 000 J

(2) When a force F moves its point of application through a displacement (s) in the direction of the force, the work (W) done by the force is given by

W = F s

How many vector quantities and scalar quantities does this equation contain?
A one scalar quantity and two vector quantities
B one vector quantity and two scalar quantities
C three scalar quantities
D three vector quantities

(3) What is a possible unit for the product VI, where V is the potential difference across a resistor and I is the current through the same resistor?
A newton per second (N s–1)          
B newton second (N s)
C newton metre (N m)                    
D newton metre per second (N m s–1)

(4) In an experiment, a radio-controlled car takes 2.50 ± 0.05 s to travel 40.0 ± 0.1 m. What is the car’s average speed and the uncertainty in this value?
A 16 ± 1 m s–1
B 16.0 ± 0.2 m s–1
C 16.0 ± 0.4 m s–1
D 16.00 ± 0.36 m s–1

(5)Which feature of a graph allows acceleration to be determined?
A the area under a displacement-time graph
B the area under a velocity-time graph
C the slope of a displacement-time graph
D the slope of a velocity-time graph

(6) In an experiment to determine the acceleration of free fall using a falling body, what would lead to a value that is too large?
A air resistance
B dimensions of the body are too large
C measured distance longer than true distance
D measured time longer than true time

(7)In the absence of air resistance, a stone is thrown from P and follows a parabolic path in which the highest point reached is T. The stone reaches point Q just before landing.
parabolic path

The vertical component of acceleration of the stone is
A zero at T
B larger at T than at Q
C larger at Q than at T
D the same at Q as at T

(8)The diagram shows a laboratory experiment in which a feather falls from rest in a long evacuated vertical tube of length L.
vertical tube

The feather takes time T to fall from the top to the bottom of the tube. How far will the feather have fallen from the top of the tube in time 0.50 T?
A 0.13 L
B 0.25 L
C 0.38 L
D 0.50 L

(9)Each option gives a correct word equation involving force. Which option gives the definition of force?
A force = energy divided by displacement
B force = mass × acceleration
C force = pressure × area
D force = rate of change of momentum

(10)Two similar spheres, each of mass m and travelling with speed v, are moving towards each other.

The spheres have a head-on elastic collision. Which statement is correct?
A The spheres stick together on impact.
B The total kinetic energy after impact is mv^2.
C The total kinetic energy before impact is zero.
D The total momentum before impact is 2 mv.

(11)What is the internal energy of an object?
A It is the energy associated with the object’s movement through space.
B It is the energy associated with the random movement of the molecules in the object.
C It is the energy due to the attractions between the molecules in the object.
D It is the sum of all the microscopic potential and kinetic energies of the molecules in the object.

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