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'' Time is money '' is an idiom we often hear or heard it in the past from our seniors,particularly from our teachers and from our parents.They keep saying the same line again and again and we sometimes find it annoying.Sometimes,because of this attitude we don't even pay heed to what they are saying and what do they want us to learn?

Sometimes one may think that they find it amusing to tease one with this concept of three words.Do they really want to irritate us?.I don't know about you but I am absolutely sure that they don't want to vex or annoy us.Instead,they want  us to learn the importance of time.
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Our seniors are some sort of veterans.Yes, the experienced ones.They have experienced the ups and downs of life.They have seen the reality of life closer and deeper than us.They have travelled a journey longer than ours.In their journey, they have done some unforgiving mistakes for which they always repent.Some of these mistakes,the ones related to time, has taught them a priceless lesson that 'Time is money'. Time has also taught them that it is now their utmost duty to guide their juniors to the correct way of life.So that they don't commit those faults and errors which they did and don't become the victims like them.

Once the time is gone ,it's wasted.It never comes back.Time is like the water in a river which will never stop flowing.Time is a word spoken from your month,which once spoken cannot be brought back into your mouth.You have to face for what you have said.Time is like a bullet from a pistol which once fired will never come back.You have to pay the price for your actions and decisions.Time is the reality of real life.It is in the dreams or in the movies where you may find that time changes can be reverted and all that rubbish.Myriad instances can be cited about the importance of time.You will see that these words will be spoken by those who understand the importance of time.They want us to somehow understand the correct vision of life.They correct manner to lead the life.

wasted time is worse than wasted money

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Speaking  or reading about time,you might have heard or read a childhood story.The story bears the moral:
     There is no use of crying over spilt milk 
I think that most of you might have recalled the story.

Many great and imminent personalities who stood the test of time and left an impression on the world always remembered this golden rule that ''Time is money''.In one way or the other, they remembered it.To them, their time was the dearest thing of all other things.They knew how to spend it.They tried to gain most from their precious time.Their life is an open book and on every page, you will find that '' Time is money''

Some of the people who are victims of poor time management think that they have wasted their life by doing nothing.They live in the past.The remain oblivious of their present and future.They don't realise or recognise their mistake.Maybe they think that repenting will serve them as a tool that can fix everything  or can mitigate the current tragic situation of their life.
I think a lot can be said on the topic ''Time is money'' and many examples can also be quoted for it.Remaining brief ,I want to advise you, despite age or gender differences,that please utilise your priceless time in doing something good.Something that helps you ,your family,your society or your country.Life is short and sooner or later we will eventually die,So leave something good in the world so that the world may remember you.         
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  1. Great remember. People often forget to calculate how much time something costs, especially when starting a business. Sometimes it's worth parting with cash because your time is worth much more.

    1. Thanks for reading my post,for giving your valuable views on the topic and also for giving your precious time to have a look at my blog....Appreciated!


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